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We are constantly faced with new challenges as Hemmin & Hauling grows. No matter how many projects we may have, sustainability is always the forefront of our mission. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to become familiar with many options for recycling. We want to limit the amount of debris we put in the landfill. Although sometimes materials must go to the dump, we have developed the list below to show some of our go-to spots for recycling the many debris we come across in our Projects.


Even if you don't use our services, we still want you to know the best places to donate or recycle your unwanted items. It is our goal to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. The below resources are our go-to places for donating, recycling, and repurposing old items. 

Where Does Hemmin' & Hauling Take Our Used Goods

Habitat for Humanity is one of our go-to places for donating materials. What sets it apart is the wide range of products they take and reuse, ranging from dish sets, all the way to wood and windows. Habitat for Humanity is the only place that accepts home improvement products and allows them to be repurposed for a cheaper price. We love to minimize what we are taking to the landfill, which has us constantly returning to habitat for humanity. Their commitment to building sustainable homes and communities makes them a top spot to donate home improvement goods.

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Bodean Picture

We are increasingly seeing more projects that require the disposal of concrete. Concrete is bulky, heavy, and expensive to get rid of. It is also not ideal to put in the landfill. The Bodean company in Windsor is a great place to take concrete as they will crush it and upcycle it back into new material. An added benefit of Bodean is their ability to take “dirty” concrete. Most places only accept clean concrete, meaning more ends up in the dumps. Bodean takes it one step further in their sustainability vision. They practice land reclamation. They have two rock quarries that they actively reclaim. Most quarries will reclaim the land after the mining has wrapped up. BoDean Company has instituted the practice of reclaiming its land concurrent with mining to agriculture and open space which will eventually include wetland areas, re-vegetated hillsides, and in the case of the quarry in Forestville, a small lake.

Vegetation management and yard clear-out projects have been increasing in frequency. Although any disposal of these materials is green by nature, Grab N’ Grow offers a great service for recycling yard debris, agricultural debris, vegetative cuttings, shrubs, bushes, grasses, tree trimmings, prunings, and untreated forest debris. For a fair fee, they will take these materials and turn them into nutrient soil that can be used in other projects. They are selective in the quality of materials they accept, which only helps their sustainability and overall impact on the environment. Many of our clients have us prep their yards for new landscaping, and Grab N’ Grow is a great place to dispose of old materials while stocking up on sustainably sourced new materials.

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Paint Recycling

Almost every household eventually accumulates some paint that is stored to never be used again. Paint is not allowed to be thrown away and can actually end up with a fine if you dispose of paint in your garbage cans. Kelly Moore and Benjamin Moore are both great places to take unused paints. As long as there is a lid, label, and liquid, it can be recycled at these stores. These are great options instead of paying the special recycling fees at the dump. It is important to call your local location as they have a limited amount they can donate each day.





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