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Meet The Hemmin '& Hauling Team!

Get to know the friendly and reliable team behind Hemmin' & Hauling. 


Hemmin’ & Hauling crew started by helping friends and families move in and out of spaces around Sonoma County. These families didn’t know what to do with all the excess stuff they had accumulated. 


We enjoy helping many local Realtors give their clients that extra help during the stressful time of moving & cleaning out their homes to get ready to sell. We pack it, move it, haul it or donate it. Whatever you need.Learn more about our donation and junk removal services today!

group picture of Hemmin and Hauling team members
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Before a big job, I like to eat 4 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and 2 pieces of sourdough toast. I like working at H&H because it is rewarding to help a client and see them happy. The team culture is also great and I feel like I have a place here! 

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 I like to start my mornings with an egg and sausage bagel sandwich. It gives me the fuel to get the big jobs done. I like working for H&H because we have a great culture and team chemistry.

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I like to eat eggs, bacon, and hash browns before a big job. The right meal is always the best way to prepare for a job. I enjoy planning for every job and watching the team chemistry develop.

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I like working for H&H because we have a great team dynamic. We also cover a large area of Northern California and see some cool places. The sense of accomplishment after a successful job keeps me motivated.

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The culture at H&H is my favorite part of the job. We are all young and eager to provide a great experience while still having a good time. Client satisfaction motivates me to find the most efficient way to complete a project. 

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I am motivated by the feedback from clients. There is nothing better than getting a job done right and seeing a happy customer. I enjoy working for Hemmin’ and Hauling because each day presents a new challenge. 

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Marcus began his business with just a trailer and a can-do attitude. He would borrow trucks from friends or rent one from U-haul to pull it. He saw other haulers constantly sending junk to the dumps and thought there should be a more sustainable approach and thus Hemmin’ & Hauling was born. What started as a couple of jobs a month quickly grew to 15-20 jobs a week. His eco-friendly vision and sustainable approach became a full-time job and required a team!


Marcus began partnering with local donation centers to give reusable items a second life. Since 2019, he has found many organizations to help repurpose these donations and keep as much stuff out of the dumps as possible. Marcus believes that leading a professional team with high standards and an affinity for sustainability is the key to running a successful hauling business. The Hemmin’ & Hauling team has developed a strong culture that does not cut corners and it’s backed by continued client satisfaction and rave reviews from customers. Hemmin’ & Hauling is now a division of Donna Declutter LLC where Marcus is a full partner in the company serving as its Executive Vice President.

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If you are considering professional organizing Santa Rosa specialist Donna "Declutter" Roses can help.

She originally started Decluttering Solutions Now! several years ago when some family friends were downsizing from their home after 40 years of building memories in one, big house.

It was extremely difficult for them, physically and emotionally, to decide what to save and what to part with.  We knew they needed the help of someone with a gentle yet practical approach to sorting through all of it and creating order.

Since then, Donna has focused on helping people who need to move, especially if they are elderly and need local loving support to help them clear out their homes they've lived in for many decades, staging, packing and unpacking after the movers drop everything off.

Donna has had many clients with home offices that needed to be purged of paper and then systems set up so they could manage the constant incoming paper flow.

The opportunity to partner with Marcus has been life-changing!  He has helped turn a one-person shop into a full-service business with a dream team crew who bring joy and relief to all of our clients.  Expanding Donna Declutter to include a hauling and junk removal division lets us offer so many more services to our clients.





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